B’lore Diary

Being somebody who is very self-conscious about what I jot down, I’ve spent quite a few sleepless nights wondering what to blog about and quite often, it so happens that I spent so much time analyzing what I SHOULD write that I end up deciding that the topic I chose is too insignificant to actually… Continue reading B’lore Diary


Sunday. Sunday, for me, is the official Sadhya day because that’s the day (for reasons still unknown to me) most people decide to host their wedding ceremony. And it’s the same story in all these weddings. There’ll be couples to bless, friends to meet after long time, acquaintances to be made and gossip to be… Continue reading Matrimony.com

The renaissance So this is it. My blog. My own space to share my completely wacky n unfathomable musings. Hmm… that does have a nice ring. For someone who adore writing – I know this is one of the most clichéd terms in the blog-world – oh and by the way, I always do this:… Continue reading