Come on, India. Let’s football!!

When Sepp Blatter, the current FIFA president, described India as a “sleeping giant” of football, he may not have been much off the mark. Indian football, with its rich history, has been always under-represented and ended up playing second fiddle to the legitimate First Lady aka cricket.


Bollywood Bandwagon – My first taste of puppetry

Bollywood Bandwagon truly lived up to its promise of being a “hilarious comedy”. I had always assumed that puppetry involves a lot of strings being pulled (that sounds a bit shady, doesn’t it?) and a lot of hectic scene changes – well I was true about the second. How they managed to put up a extraordinarily entertaining 75 mins of full-fledged bollywood movie with multiple camera angles, background changes and a satirical storyline between just 5 crew members beats me! One of the puppeteers, portraying the item girl ‘Maya’ stole my heart with her pink wig and her rib-tickling take on a classic Bollywood item song!

The new-found freedom

It was only the last evening while talking to a friend on phone that it dawned on me that I’ve been away from home for nearly 6 months now. Which, of course, in the larger scheme of things is kinda like a drop of water in the ocean. It’s just that I absolutely loved these… Continue reading The new-found freedom