Just a note.

It’s been a while. It’s almost like I’ve forgotten how to write. For the past few days, weeks even, I’ve been carrying this nagging feeling to jot down something – anything, really. Of course, like the wannabe I am, I’d love it if I could sit in front of my lap and churn away a poignant, eloquent piece of article. However, that’s not how it is to be. I’m trying to come in terms with the fact that maybe this is the best I can do – an occasional peep into the blog to rant/jot about life and its numerous intricacies.


Register Marriage is “in”

When Reema Kallingal and Aashique Abu decided to go out together, that itself was a chance for the Karan Johars and Simi Garewals of Kerala to wring their hands and buzz around in excited (and exaggerated) horror. When they decided to move in together, the Facebook/Twitter traffic from Kerala rose substantially. They were referred to… Continue reading Register Marriage is “in”