Just a note.

It’s been a while. It’s almost like I’ve forgotten how to write. For the past few days, weeks even, I’ve been carrying this nagging feeling to jot down something – anything, really. Of course, like the wannabe I am, I’d love it if I could sit in front of my lap and churn away a poignant, eloquent piece of article. However, that’s not how it is to be. I’m trying to come in terms with the fact that maybe this is the best I can do – an occasional peep into the blog to rant/jot about life and its numerous intricacies.

So as I was saying, I’ve been wanting to write desperately for the past few days. In fact, the last time I wrote something meaningful was a good 3 months back. In between these, many a thing has happened that’d have normally had me running to my beloved Word document. And I did too. But somehow, every time I sat down to write something, all the words that I knew of, all the clever metaphors and witty one-liners I had in my mind seemed to fade into oblivion right before my eyes, until all that was left was a wisp of lame English words strung together by the most uninspired of connectors.

I’ve spent quite a few bus rides wondering why this is. For the uninitiated, I love bus rides. And I love not to talk during bus rides. Unless I’m in exceptionally, exceedingly awesome mood, that is. It is during that time that I do a lot of things I like to do. I think about stuff like the Calvin n Hobbes quote I read the other day. Or a conversation I had with a friend about religion/politics. I talk to myself in my mind. I pray in my own warped way. I read sometimes. So my point is that I’ve spent quite a few precious hours (I live at Bangalore, so a normal 15 min bus ride gets stretched to at least 40 min – plenty of time) pondering why I don’t write anymore. As I said, it is not for lack of issues. If anything, it might be ‘coz of too many issues to write about.

After much thought, the conclusion I came into was this – of late, I’ve been exposed to a variety of articles on a wide range of topics that I’ve hit what can be called (sophistically) a writer’s block. Let’s not focus on the fact that I just referred to myself as a writer (I mean, how vain is THAT!) and move on to the point I’m trying to make. Basically, I’m feeling how Cooper might have felt when he stepped on (erm..stepped on? That ain’t right, is it?) space – so much out there that transcends what you know and what you do…so much out there that you know is out there but is yet to find out. And in between all this there is the incomparably insignificant you, your work and your passion that matters so much to you but in actuality, is not even a drop in the ocean. Does that make sense?

Well, if it doesn’t, blame it on the rain. It always messes with my mind. (Yep, it’s raining in Bangalore. And yep, that smell of new soil is overpowering my senses.) I mean, I love rains. Monsoon is my favourite season. However, in what may seem as a contradiction, rain also makes me sad. Emotional. It makes me long for the places I left behind and the places I have to go to.

It makes me feel alive.

3 thoughts on “Just a note.”

  1. Petrichor. That’s what is turning your muse towards you, in this note.
    You’ll never have the writers’ block, trust me. You are an awesome writer, for me 🙂 🙂

    You know the times, when these great ideas strike me, that I want to blog about? Having a bath, correcting papers, and the deadline was yesterday – suddenly in the middle of a class, in the middle of some fantastic routine of cooking that I cannot leave at that arrival of that errant thought… sigh. You know.

    Bus rides, and silence. Hi5! I do not even like to listen to music, or read. I love to go into that inner space, and play our entire scenarios of a whole lot of things. Sometimes when I reach, I wish the ride would go on just a bit longer 🙂 I don’t go on enough bus rides these days, sigh.

    It’s raining there? Naaice! Even if you’re emotional. Because you live when it does 🙂

    Finally, glad you did write 🙂

    1. Wow! That was quick 😀 And thank you. You sure know how to turn my mood around! Nevertheless, I’m super jealous of how regular you’ve been with your blog updates of late. How you manage to juggle work, home and ur kids (read Kuttan and Mia) and still find time to see matches, give updates and blog too, I’ll never know. Gah! :O

      And Petrichor. That’s beautiful! 🙂

      1. All you need is that push. I was given one this month, and as a personal promise to myself, I just joined up the blog challenge to ramble. Bas. Last day today 😀 I ought to do it somehow. I know today I will, but I wasn’t sure last Sunday if I’d get it done!
        Thank you for those kind words 🙂

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