Rant! – Desi Kalakaar??

STATUTORY WARNING: This is a rant – there is a good chance that none of what is said below will make sense. You enter at your own risk.

One of the many strange habits I have (like I-hate-talking-over-the-phone thing) is that I rarely watch TV. Of course, this might be due to the fact that most of the time, you’ll find me holed up with my laptop. Even if I do watch TV once in a while, the channels are mainly confined to music channels and Fox Life. I absolutely hate the serials and beyond-words-stupid stuff like Bigg Boss & Satyameva Jayate (more on that later).

It was while flipping through one of those channels that I saw Poogyaneeya Shri Honey Singh maharshi’s new single, ‘Desi Kalakaar’. Now I’ve heard his previous songs, so I had braced myself to be OMG-ed at his beyond-belief lyrics. However what I was not prepared for was to see Sonakshi Sinha dressed up as a…erm, how to put this politely…hooker? And what was with all the 5-day-old-make-up and barely-there shorts?? Okay, I realize that I am coming across as a kind of judgmental ass here, but hey – this is one of my fav heroines we are talking about!

Sonakshi, right from the start, had charmed me with her unconventional slightly-plump look (which I personally refer to as the ‘Indian look’). My admiration for her had been heightened by her performance in ‘Lootera’ a movie which I loved. So you can hardly blame for being pretty disappointed to see yet another actor bend to the industries pressure and lose their identity. After all, this is an industry where Aishwarya Rai’s and Kareena Kapoor’s malnourished look received much traction as the infamous ‘Size Zero’!

And it is not just the heroines either. One of my roomies, a slightly chubby, rather cute (and extremely immature for her age) 22-year-old keeps asking me if “Di, mai motti hoo kya?” (Yes, she calls me ‘di’. Yes, I cringe every time I hear that. But that is not what we are talking about here. Focus, people!) I initially thought that it was a ploy on her part to just hear it being denied, but turns out, she has been told that she is a ‘moti’ and should lose weight by her boyfriend, her relatives and a good percent of the people she interact with. Is there any wonder that she is so insecure about her looks??

What is it with people and their obsession with body weight? Million dollar question indeed. I found myself asking this question when I was watching ‘Spanglish’ the other day – in the movie, the uptight and snooty mother keeps on telling her slightly plump and very intelligent daughter that she needs to “lose weight”. The obsession we Indians have with skin tone is bad enough, but weight too??



10 thoughts on “Rant! – Desi Kalakaar??”

  1. Uh-uh. Each to her own, I guess. But yes, as a nation we are fairness-obsessed and now weight-obsessed. Of late. Except that the “Indian” look does entail weight. Too much of aping the catwalk women I suppose. And the new breed of stars. It’s all about abs and skin and bones, now. Sigh.

  2. Indeed I didn’t get the point of this rant ! Sonakshi or any actress has every right to play a hooker and put on even 10 days worth of makeup. It’s part of their job right ? Mayeb she was playing a ‘fair & lovely’ hooker who knows? Hookers are traditionally known to put coats of paint, not that I have any experience on the matter 😉 Personally i prefer my women a bit on the plumb side and def husky !

  3. What happened to that beautiful template in the background with the puppets kicking each other ? That was cool. I vote “yes’ to bring it back. This is too white… no ‘colours’ 😛

  4. well said, comrade. an obsession indeed. plus, the height factor too. if i had a rupee for every time a relative queried me on why i didnt play basketball or do pull-ups as a kid, let’s just say i’d have a lot of rupees

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