LFG #2: Shopping at Law Garden, Ahmedabad

Here’s the thing. I dislike hate shopping. For makeup, shoes, bags, dresses – especially dresses! You know that moment…that instant when your fingers curl round the handles of a shiny, uncreased bag — and all the gorgeous new things inside it become yours?¹ Well, I don’t. And I swear to God that I-WILL-KILL-YOU if you give me that puzzled look and say “But I thought girls loved shopping!”

So anyway, my shop-o-phobia is quite well known to all my friends back home. They “claim” that I am the worst shopping companion ever. And I must admit, they do have a point. Take me shopping with you and chances are that once the initial fascination with a shop wears off, I may sulk, pout, throw tantrums and generally behave like a 3 year old in a theatre.

Now the thing is my friends here are blissfully unaware of all this drama I am capable of unleashing without a moment’s notice. You see, we’re still in that honeymoon phase where we ask ‘May I?’ before dipping into the other person’s ice-creams and say ‘You look good’ when what you are really thinking is “REALLY??” So when this idea of going shopping in the evening came up, I didn’t wanna be a party pooper and say no. And thus I went shopping.

Considering that Ahmedabad is famous for clothes and its unique styles of handcrafted silver jewellery, we (read they) decided to head to Law Garden at Ahmedabad. One of my friends had heard from one of her friends’ friend that the place had an amazing collection of traditional wears. And so, off we went.

Law Garden is a public garden in the city of Ahmedabad. During day it is like any other street. But at night the place comes alive with hoards of makeshift shops that boast of exquisite handicraft goods sold by local people. Also, the road at the side of the garden is filled with street hawkers selling all kinds of food items. So while the wife-y darling is off burning a hole in her pocket, the husband baba can go gaga over the delicious, if slightly unhygienic, street food and burn a hole in his too. Combined hole-burning opportunities – what an idea sirji!

So we spent a good chunk of night going gaga over gorgeous chaniya cholis, and dazzling silver jewellery. Sure, it was hectic, we were worried we wouldn’t get back to the hostel in time, my friends were complaining that “There just wasn’t enough time” and I was like “I know!” (While chanting “Jai Mata Di” in my head for ending it quite soon) and we couldn’t have dinner ‘coz by the time we reached the hostel, we were way past curfew.

And yet, I enjoyed it. I didn’t expect to, but I did. I even ended up buying a few kurtis and a lovely silver earring! Is it too soon to call up my mommy and claim that my shop-o-phobia is cured??

And that's a peek of how it looked in the streetlight.
And that’s a peek of how it looked in the streetlight.
This lovely babe is mine. I saw it, loved it, bought it. For 40 bucks :-D
This lovely babe is mine. I saw it, loved it, bought it. For 40 bucks 😀
An exquisite chain I fell in love with. Didn't buy it though. Darn! I should've na?
An exquisite chain I fell in love with. Didn’t buy it though. Darn! I should’ve na?

In case you’d like to get a better feel of Law Garden at night, I suggest you go through wander collection’s post titled ‘Law Garden Night Market.’ It has some lovely photographs as opposed to my amateur ones. 🙂

[1]Quoted from ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ by Sophie Kinsella


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