3rd Floor Cafe

3rd Floor Cafe @ www.thirdfloor.in (Picture Courtesy: Third Floor- Cafe (Facebook Page))
3rd Floor Cafe @ http://www.thirdfloor.in
(Picture Courtesy: Third Floor- Cafe (Facebook Page))

This is an experiment. One that I’ve never done before. You know how I talk on and on about traveling solo and living alone and all that blah? Well, it has been quite a while since I realised that I, who dreams of solitude, has been subjected to my company seldom, if at all. I don’t go shopping alone, I don’t spend time alone and I’ve never, ever been in a restaurant alone. Hell, I’m someone who gets agitated and embarrassed if I reach a shop before my friend and has to spend 10 min alone. What do I do with myself? Are people judging me? Are they laughing at me? Such zillion stupid questions cross my mind. And I dream of travelling alone. Ironic, right?

Which is why today I came up with something iconic. Anyway, I’m jobless (erm..unemployed, I mean). So it’s not like I have anything to do or anywhere to be. So rather than rushing home from some chores I had to attend to, I headed to a place I’ve been to just once or twice. 3rd Floor Café. I expected to have a good, silent few hours by myself so imagine my dismay when, on reaching the place, I found it infested by people – a lot of guys, to be precise- and a lot of red heart balloons. Ugh. At this juncture, may I clarify that while I have nothing against V-Day, I’d prefer not to be drawn into the hoopla that surround it. So where was I..? Yeah, the dread with which I walked into the café. (In case you wondered, I did briefly contemplate copping out and leaving, but by then I was already at the door, and leaving seemed a bit…awkward)

So I walked in (All eyes on me. Don’t panic and do something stupid, N. Please don’t, I tell myself) Slinks into a corner, away from human eyes, separated by a wooden block from open view. Ah…the relief. Silence. Ducks my head and opens the laptop. Okay. That’s better. A pleasant girl comes in and takes my order. Lemon tea and French fries. Okay. I’m alright. Nobody’s glaring at me for taking up a 6 seater table all for myself. At least, not yet.  Maybe this is not as bad as I feared it would be. I slowly take a quick glance around. Strange. Nobody’s looking at me – The-girl-who-just-walked-into-the-café-alone-and-opened-up-the-laptop. I screw up the courage and take another look around. People playing chess, people having conversation, a sprinkle of couples – lovely ambiance. There’s a guy with a guitar in one corner. Cool, na? Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden a few guys started singing ‘Nenjukkul Peididum Maamazhai’! So beautifully too. Ah…so live music – I didn’t expect that.

And that, my dear readers is how I ended up spending 2 splendid hours of my life, typing away furiously on my laptop and having multiple cups of tea, serenaded by beautiful live music (ah how lovely it sounds – just vocals and guitar) and enjoying every moment of it. Oh..and they gave me a complementary Oreo when I ordered my second cup of lemon tea! Little things that count. I feel as if I’m living a life I’ve read about in books and seen in Hollywood movies

Am I making too much of a small afternoon? Maybe I am. It’s just something that doesn’t happen often in Thrissur. At least, not to me or anyone I know. And I’m feeling happy, you know. That’s all that is important.


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