Feverish confessions

Ok so I have fever. Again. If there was a Guinness book record for the most number of fevers in say I month, it would be mine. I so don’t like being bedridden for a continuous period of time…

So as I was bedridden because Mr. All-knowing-thermometer decided that I was running a temperature, I had a chance to look out of ma bedroom window & actually see the world… n guess what?? I realised that the view out side my window resembles our national flag… my neighbours saffron parapet at the topmost part, the pure white clouds with a tinge of blue sky in the middle, followed by the lush green trees… sounds familiar?? I so badly wanted to take a snap of it but it seemed like too big an effort… on that note I decided I do hate having fever… but den I thought about the advantages of having fever and was confused… so I have jotted down some of them here.

The things I like about fever

1.When I have fever I get mom to make me black coffee. Usually when I ask her for it, she takes a cup, add like 2-3 teaspoons of black coffee & fill the rest with milk … uggg… (but she’s better than my grandma who believes that by drinking black coffee you become black in colour!!! seriously)
2.It makes you the centre of your family’s world, and you end up being pampered by everyone… which I shamelessly enjoy 😀
3.It gives you a legitimate reason to bunk college. What more do you need??
4.You get to sleep from 10.00 pm to 10.00 am which is normally not very feasible.

Things I not-so-like about fever

1.Fever makes pizza taste bland … isn’t that sad??
2.It forces you to listen to the audio track of too-lame-to-describe serials like “manasaputhri”, “parijatham” etc (which mommas watch) because closing your eyes AND ears can be pretty strenuous.
3.The bloody body ache…aargh…. it spoils everything
4.It kinda tampers with your sense of humour and leaves you cranky 😐

Goanna take my Antibiotics & have a cuppa coffee