My take on 3 Idiots

**Contains spoilers about the movie**

So I saw the movie “3 Idiots” (you know the one which is NOT an adaptation of Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat) about 3 weeks after roughly 60% of our nation saw it. And I hated it. Yeah… I spent about half of the movie cursing myself, my friends, the critics… basically every single person who recommend this movie, who said that it’s a must watch…

I watched a major part of the movie thru my pillows (well thts something I do when I’m embarrassed… strange I know) If that doesn’t explain my exact feelings about the movie, then I don’t know what will. Sure I loved all the show of intense friendship & the ragging scenes (God that is like so authentic) but here’s the thing – I have a big problem with all-knowing heroes especially those who look 40 but act as 19 year-olds n deliver long speeches on friendship & educational system.
But I did realise something loud & clear – 3 Idiot is DEFINITELY NOT a re-vision of FPS, no way – now the reason why FPS was such a huge success, in my humble opinion, is the fact that its characters were real – like the main protagonist Hari… he was someone who was so…hmm… normal, ordinary. He was just this ordinary guy with ordinary friends committing ordinary mistakes (well not all his “mistakes” where conventional… if you know what I mean 🙂 That was the allure of the story – the verity that a huge chunk of the story was kinda identical to our lives… n that’s what the movie lacked in my judgement – lacked big time… that element of reality…

Instead of that what do we get?? We get a hero who is always 1st in college without even attending the classes … bravo!! He uses his brain (yeah coz we left ours at home before coming to hostel naah…) to escape from seniors on the ragging night … but what happens after that night?? I mean come on, any1 who has passed out of college does know that seniors aren’t that easy to escape – or are you telling me that this dude is Godzilla’s grandson to elude 3 years of seniors in that pretty big hostel not to mention college?? Considering the events in the rest of the movie, this is an almost practical-sounding explanation.

And then there is “All izz well” … I must say that I pretty much luved that – until UNTIL that scene in climax when the baby becomes alive on hearing “all izz well”… I did contemplate committing suicide by shoving my beloved pillow down my throat (apparently it can b very painful ) but then the insincerity of the whole movie struck me and had me doubling up with laughter. What does Raju Hirani think the audience is?? Sack of potatoes?? And don’t even get me started on how a vaccum-cleaner can be used to deliver a baby… ewwww…..

This post will be really incomplete without mentioning that I did enjoy quite a few moments in the movie… as did I adore sharman joshi and r. madhavan for trying to lend an ounce of genuineness to the movie… I agree that the movie did portray accurately the frustration of an engineering student… also the pressure of fulfilling expectations of your parents teachers and every Tom, Dick and Harry (ask me, I ought to know), the inability to choose between friends and family an all… all I’m saying is that all that was not enough to cover up what appeared to me as an attempt to boost the superstar image of Aamir Khan… as for Kareena Kapoor, she wasn’t even there in the movie.. I wouldn’t comment anything further about her coz I basically dislike her and hence it would be difficult to judge her impartially…

Now you really wanna know how campus life is, try watching “Happy Days”… originally made in Telugu, it was also dubbed in Malayalam and is being remade in Tamil and Kannada… it’s on of the most authentic and original campus-based movies I’ve seen.. and I have seen quite a few, trust me…

Adios n so longggggg


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