The renaissance

So this is it. My blog. My own space to share my completely wacky n unfathomable musings. Hmm… that does have a nice ring.

For someone who adore writing – I know this is one of the most clichéd terms in the blog-world – oh and by the way, I always do this: that is, gets distracted – I’m always jumping around from topic to topic. Ok, so as I was saying, as someone who finds writing a second nature though not effortless – (besides that effort is something I find very soothing and productive) – combined by the irresistible urge to converse every single moment of life, starting a blog was natural course of action. Only one catch: I find the idea of others reading my piece of work disturbing… even terrifying. Weird huh?? I know. Coz the stuff I jot down are pretty individualistic and maybe petty. Writing is an outlet for my opinions – to vent them with a tinge of humour as in sarcasm/irony/spoof whatever you call it coz life isn’t life without a little absurdity. Sense of humour plays a significant role in the complex-process of making up my mind on whether I am gonna read a blog or not.

And many a time I don’t write WRITE – like I don’t write in a paper or anything… I just form stuff in my mind n modify it & as time flies, I usually forget about it. I guess writing is just my way of dealing with the clutter called life. I mean, people do all strange kinda things to be HAPPY (another controversial topic – what do you really mean by happy??) – like I’ve heard there are people who shop a LOT (seriously??) so that they feel all light n happy (duh!!). And I know a few who open the “water-tap” at the slightest provocation (oh come on… crying is totally over rated – not only you have to face the problems but that too with one hell of a headache – trust me, I ought to know)

Which is why I was quite surprised when one of my really good friend suggested that I start letting other people into my Disneyland. (She happened to “stumble” upon one of my works – in plain English, she snooped through my folder) On top of that the numerous tweeple whom I met on twitter – btw I’m a self-confessed tweetaholic – all of them with amazing sense of humour & some of them with blogs that don’t let you tear your eyes of them really kinda “inspired” me LOLz.. If I can, I’ll try to link some of my fav pages. So then, after the initial rebuttal, I thought “Why don’t I give it a shot”. Whew!! N this is just the beginning… a revival of I, me, myself…

So long & Ciao till the next post…


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